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Things to know before booking a court

You must be registered to book a court. Club members are sent an invitation to register. Visitors register on the Booking page (click the court booking Button below).

Daytime Tennis: The booking is to get you in the gate. Then choose any available court with a net in place. When club events are in progress you may be directed to other courts.

Night-time Tennis: The booking gets you through the gate and turns on the lights for your booked court. Courts 1 to 8 have lighting.

Visitors accompanying a member must pay $5 into the court hire box on the veranda.

Click here for more detailed information about book-a-court. You should read it at least once.

NOTE 1: It is preferable to use the Quick Booking method by filling out the details and selecting "Check availability". The booking sheet method is very slow to load, especially on mobile devices.

NOTE 2: During the winter a limited number of grass courts are available. Lighted grass courts are also limited. The two synthetic grass courts are available at all times.

A booking takes as much as 30 minutes to get through the Tennis Australia system: book early.

Click the Court Booking button below to make a booking. If you are having problems with a booking, call Frank on 04 0191 6667.

Court Booking
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Above: The court layout as viewed from the entry gate.
Synthetic courts 1 and 2, and grass courts 3 to 8 have lighting.

At times courts 3,4,5 are reduced to 2 courts. They become 3 and 4.